brand you

Based upon your career assessment, your resume, past performance reviews, our independent research, one-on-one-interviews, and more, ProMotion Career Management will create a highly detailed and professionally presented dossier on you.

You are brand that we can develop and sell

Michael Jordan. Taylor Swift. Arod. Meryl Streep. Athletes and entertainers — and, more importantly, their agents — understand that they are a brand. Their past and current performances, and how they behave in their workplaces, help shape objective and subjective perceptions of their worth. From this, companies pay them accordingly and their demand within their profession is in sync with their tangible and perceived value. Their “brand” is what their agents use to market them when they identify new employment opportunities.

Some business people successfully brand themselves: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Oprah, and so on. But generally life sciences and business professionals don’t actively develop and market themselves with this mindset. However, we believe that you are a brand we can develop and sell.

This is a core component of what differentiates us from “recruiters” — we become the brand builders and advocates for ambitious individuals within the life sciences and business communities.

During our “brand you” program, together we will:

  • Compile and articulate your “career statistics” — correlating experiences and accomplishments into concrete data points the express cost/time savings and other important ROI features
  • Create a compelling Executive Summary — expressing your key selling points in a way that jumps out at employers
  • Produce a printable dossier — functioning as an attractive, high-quality introduction/leave behind for employers that helps separate you from the herd
  • Articulate and practice your “brand communication” — distilling all of this into a compelling, brief response to “Why do you want to work for our organization?” and what personal value you bring that makes you irresistible to hiring managers — and becoming so clear about your high-quality brand that companies will even come looking for you, personally!
  • Create a consistent vision of “you” in the marketplace — as you hone your brand through what you say and what you do

While refining the articulation of who you are and what you do is vital to maximizing your professional success, the full power of your new branding efforts are realized when you combine this learning with our other services.

Please note that through branding alone, we cannot guarantee you that you will land the next new position that you crave — the decision and politics are not, ultimately, in our control. But we can certainly guarantee that you will be much better positioned to locate and secure the right role in the right company for you.

To learn more about building “brand you” or to begin getting represented the right way for your professional success, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!