Is the model of “placing” executives still relevant? Are currently practiced talent development approaches effective in “re-recruiting” key players? Our experience in working with thousands of executives resoundingly says “NO!” to both of these questions.

Recruiting has become an outdated service that no longer suits the needs of top-level individuals and the executives who hire them—both of whom are expected to achieve standout success in a highly competitive marketplace. The same goes for current employees who are looking to advance their careers.

Individuals ask: “How can I do my very best to compete now and in the future?”

Executives ask: “How do I know that the person I hired or promoted will succeed within our company culture?”

ProMotion Career Management is taking a leading position as career agents. We function just like an actor’s or athlete’s agent—but for the life sciences and business leaders (executives and organizations) of today, building and maintaining the connection between individuals and companies.

However, there have never been any other options to help with career advancement — until now!

A career agent helps ALL parties succeed in a long-term business relationship

Again, we are not in the business of receiving résumés, vetting promising candidates with an hour-long meeting, passing the best prospects off for company interviews, and calling it a day.

Rather, we dive deeply into the hearts and minds of our clients—working with them to identify what a perfect job is for them…one they may not even be looking for quite yet. (Yes, we work with individuals who are not planning to leave their company but are responding to a personal need to grow professionally and position themselves to succeed in the future.)

We allow non-exclusive relationships with both our talent pool and the hiring companies that we are helping to find key talent that best fits their needs. Why? Because we are confident that the additional value we provide to both parties will be its own glue to cement longstanding, productive relationships.

What individuals can expect from ProMotion:

  • Highly personalized attention—You will meet with us regularly to discuss multiple subjects in a casual environment regarding your career needs and progress. You will take an in-depth leadership assessment profile, which helps us (and you!) learn more about your analytical, strategic, and leadership strengths. You will meet with employees and executives from leading organizations in your field through our networking events. Once you have been hired to a position that is ideally suited for your skills and interests, we will continue to focus on your long-term success.
  • Personal “brand” development—Even though you can identify your accomplishments, we will help you place a value on them and help differentiate yourself from others with similar backgrounds. More importantly, you will learn how to ensure current and future employers quickly identify you as a unique, standout individual.
  • Dossier development—Much more than a résumé, your dossier will be a jointly-crafted living history; an assembled presentation of what leadership, strategic, tactical, and life-experience skills you bring to deliver immediate success to an organization.
  • Honest, transparent feedback about your potential—As your agent, we offer both high
    praise and hard truths as merited. You are not a widget on an assembly line; you are an experienced executive who needs to be assessed, coached, and groomed for maximum success.
  • Networking—We get to know your career goals and can provide direction regarding whom you should meet, and who should meet you. Our many high-level connections and in-depth industry knowledge will help get you “out there”—because it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. If you tend toward the introvert end of the spectrum, we can help coach you on some simple techniques that will help you build and display the confidence to engage in professional conversation. (Oftentimes we will be there alongside you!)
  • Representation—Expect us to champion you as an important member of our team, rather than present you as one recruited option among many…barely known beyond a résumé and brief interview.
  • Saved time—We painstakingly work with you while working separately with companies to unearth potential opportunities; in the end we are far ahead on matching your skills and personality with the business needs and cultures of organizations and hiring managers.
  • Intensive interview preparation—We will prep and inform you about important trends, specific organizations’ cultures, and the interviewing teams’ backgrounds and personalities.
  • Compensation negotiations—Helping both sides agree upon your total value,
    working with your dossier and our in-depth industry knowledge. We can also identify lifestyle value options that work in place of or in addition to certain compensation ranges.
  • Career change support—Helping, for example, a MD or PhD step out of academia or private practice and into a life science career.
  • Career management—We help you build a career. We help you think about future jobs. We will help you move strategically and successfully within your new or existing company. Over the coming months and years, we take the time to ask you, “What else could you be doing for this company, beyond the tasks at hand? What other skills or performance goals do you need to continually improve and grow?” And should the day come when you and your organization can no longer grow together, we will help you once again step up to new challenges elsewhere. Again: We function more like an agent for an actor or a sports figure than as a one-and-done recruiter.

What organizations can expect from ProMotion:

  • Highly personalized attention—We take the time to get to know you and your
    organization from the inside-out. You need allies who can help you succeed, which requires people who truly listen to your challenges and expectations beyond one particular hiring situation. (In fact, many of our company contacts have evolved into individuals whom we also represent!)
  • Closely vetted and aligned individuals—We only introduce you to those individuals whom we know are a strong fit for your job requirements and company culture. Our clients arrive prepared yet not over-coached, enthusiastic and ready to demonstrate the value they can bring to your company. You want the real deal, not professional interviewers who are likely to succeed at the start and fail in the end.
  • Highly networked individuals—As career agents, we network our individuals to maximize their personal growth…which means they come to you with a wide and deep number of professional alliances of their own and from our introductions that can bring further value to you and your organization. They can draw upon external resources that can help mentor them beyond your training and internal resources. And they have connections that can help you match up future hires among the people they know.
  • Onboarding support—This is so important to everyone’s success. Your new hires (presented by us or others) need to fit in quickly and effectively to a new work environment with its own tasks, personalities, and culture. We help them fully understand your expectations, the job descriptions, and the players in your workplace. An important point to note: Should you hire someone not represented by ProMotion Career Management , we will still use every arrow in our quiver to help you make that hire seamlessly succeed. But success is ensured when you allow us to act as the bridge between who you need and who you hire—because, as we stated above, the individuals whom we represent only step through your door if they are appropriate for your company’s needs and culture. We do not represent “professional interviewers,” whose performance typically disappoints within 30-days in a new role. We help substantially reduce new hire failure rates, which can be particularly troublesome with academics who come in unfamiliar with a commercial life sciences or other business work environment.
  • Leadership identification—With our expert analysis of highly validated and reliable assessment tools and processes (including people analytics), we can be dropped into a team environment and walk out with the knowledge you need to identify who the leader or leaders truly are with the knowledge and people skills to get the job done.
  • Long-term “movers” for company growth and continuity—Because we work with individuals as their long-term agents, you benefit from people who want to lead, who want to grow. And that helps you identify people with the skills and wherewithal to move up your chain of command, which keeps high-value people working for you as long as you provide them with opportunities to grow and succeed within your organization.

When both sides involve us more, we can deliver more

Can individuals or companies hire PCM to oversee just one step in their respective job challenges?
Yes, but we urge you to realize that everyone gets more value when we function as a bridge between both parties, allowing back-and-forth movement over a long period of time.

Why use us to develop your brand, but exclude us from the added value of networking or compensation negotiations?

Why bring us in for onboarding without including us in identifying the new employee who would be the easiest to get up to speed?

Don’t get us wrong—we appreciate getting our foot in the door and providing whatever help you need. But we do want to emphasize that, as agents who work with long-term commitments and vested interests in both sides of the hiring process, both individuals and employers will see the most remarkable results when PCM is integrated fully into the many services mentioned above.

As recruiting becomes more and more of a commodity item, now is the time for serious players in the life sciences and other business fields to step up their games and work with a long-term career agent.

When you get and give full value, individuals on both sides of the hiring process will succeed at achieving their full potential.

To learn more about the “career agent difference” for both individuals and employers, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!