Every company position comes with a salary range, negotiable benefits, and oftentimes unspoken yet available perks. Unfortunately, the job seeker often is in a weak negotiating position, often not clearly understanding was could be on the table and feeling a “take it or leave it” sensation upon receiving an offer — and often really just wanting to get started at the new workplace.

ProMotion Career Management is changing that paradigm, by helping employees understand that they have more power and reward opportunities than they may think. And we help them unlock their power — by using our 30+ years of international experience in handling contract negotiations.

Are you a star in your life sciences or business field? Then why shouldn’t you have star representation, just like athletes and entertainers?

Now, like actors & entertainers, you can have an agent negotiate your deal

Why not? Promotion Career Management is uniquely suited to negotiate on your behalf:

  • We know your compensation and benefits history — following your leadership assessment and “brand you” development
  • We include it in your dossier — which is provided at the right time to potential employers
  • We maximize the value that others see in you — through our background branding work and our interview preparations
  • We monitor current market-rate salaries, benefits, and perks — and present that info to the employer as validation for requests
  • We connect you with employment attorneys — to ensure everything is legally reviewed, amended, and secured in writing
  • We connect you with financial experts — accountants, financial planners, and others who can help you pay for college and plan for retirement
  • We often know the employer who will hire you — and where there is budge and where there isn’t

Why this also benefits employers

By authorizing us as your career agent to negotiate on your behalf, companies realize certain advantages, too:

  • We speak the same language — so there are no misunderstandings
  • We understand what is fair — so we come in calm, collected, and competent
  • We understand confidentiality — so you can say things to us that may not be easily said to a candidate
  • We don’t get hurt feelings — so what’s said during negotiations doesn’t become a workplace distraction later
  • We understand best how to speak with our clients on sensitive matters — because we have a longer, more in-depth relationship with our clients, we can help them navigate these waters with the words and insights we know will help them understand the employer’s points of view

Employers embrace this new way of getting star performers on board, because the interaction is usually far less stressful for both sides when we are in the middle.

To learn more about our compensation negotiations services or to begin getting represented the right way for your professional success, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!