Whether companies hire a well-qualified individual sent by a recruiter or represented by ProMotion Career Management, or promote from within for an open position, an important question remains: “How do I know that the person I hired or promoted will succeed within our company culture?”

Some new hires are “professional interviewers” who present themselves better than they perform at day-to-day tasks or as team leaders. Others fit the bill perfectly, but will struggle to assimilate into the corporate culture or politics.

Even someone promoted from within can hit speed-bumps and brick walls—because merit (and even popularity) can still require a help with changes in status, remaining perceptions, jealousies, and so on. In fact, it can be more difficult for an internal star to rise in the short term than it is for someone brought in as a stranger to the team.

The point is: While finding the best candidate can be exhausting, the job of helping the best candidate succeed has just started—and is both the most vital and most often neglected piece of the hiring puzzle.

You need a mentor and champion for your new hires. Someone who can help in navigating your culture, expectations, playbooks, and players, freeing you up to move on to your other tasks while leaving your new hire in capable, fully invested hands.

In the sports and entertainment worlds, a person who performs these services is called an agent.

Promotion Career Management is now bringing this approach to the business world as “career agents.”

The best approach is to hire our assessed & calibrated individuals

At PCM, we will analyze our individuals’ histories and assess their leadership strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots to help them sell themselves coherently in various ways within networking events and job interviews. In part, we do this by gathering and analyzing people analytics. We also create extensive dossiers that will be presented to you for your consideration.

You simply cannot compare the amount of time and work we put into a successful hire versus that of a traditional recruiter, when it comes to carefully planning, building, and finding the right fit and trajectory for your company’s needs for today and tomorrow.

These are not simply “polished interview people” we bring to you. They are informed. Proven. Confident. Prepared. And much, much more.

You can see our complete list of individual services here.

We can even help onboard non-PCM or internal hires

The fact is, many HR executives or department heads simply cannot keep close tabs on the most critical post-hiring phase: The months following the hire.

This is a pressure-filled, even awkward time for a new recruit—even in the C-Suite.

There are tasks to execute, systems to absorb, people to lead and to even inspire. And a company needs new hires to hit the ground running…and in the correct direction.

At PCM, we have the knowledge and drive to help propel new hires toward successfully launching themselves into a new culture and/or set of relationships. We get to know the lay of the land and the players within it. We coach, we prod, and we help set the course as prescribed by you and others in your team. We meet with hires frequently and report to you as requested.

Beyond this critical phase of adjustment, we can also help your new hires after they have settled. After all, wouldn’t you like to have them rise up and gain more responsibility over time? Foster loyalty by nurturing ambition? Make certain that they understand how best to navigate their careers within your company, rather than taking their training elsewhere to continue their growth?

As your go-between and as talent experts freed from the yokes of internal tasks and politics, we can invest the time required to best nurture and direct your hires, while interacting with you on a less-frequent schedule to keep you up-to-date and receive your ongoing feedback and input.

You can learn more about how we help both sides succeed at connecting the employment puzzle by reading the career agent difference

We urge you to do so—because you will see just how far our business model goes in developing successful hires for both individuals and employers..

To learn more about how we help employers maximize the success of new hires, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!