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Before you read this page, it might be helpful for you to read about the career agent difference on this website.

Assuming you have done that, you will understand why we say here that we do not simply take your résumé and shop it as one of our services. You may be used to recruiters — who over-eagerly promise to just “get you a job.” Or you may be familiar with career coaches — who give you advice but cannot help you execute. At ProMotion Career Management, we blend these functions into a new business paradigm, which is why we coined the term “career agents” — using the analogy of sports or entertainment representation:

“We match you with your profile” makes perfect sense if you are a passing quarterback who doesn’t want to get stuck on a running-based team or a dramatic movie actress who isn’t right for a comedic role. “Before we can manage you, we need to know you” sounds about right if you are a new band looking for the right record label.

Isn’t it time you started to think of yourself more along the lines of being a “performer” in your chosen field, rather than simply as a person who wants a new or better job? You are better than that…and that’s our sales pitch to you and how we sell you better to others!

We focus on your career

Yes, employment is one of the many goals of our services — but it is within this context:

  • We understand the role requirements of the industries we service — so we never shoehorn people into interviews and hope for the best, which could ruin your brand and the trust companies have with us
  • We “read between the lines” of the spec — so we can give you insights into what they are really looking for, which is not always flatly said
  • We candidly and transparently match your profile with these roles — so we don’t let you waste hours, days, weeks, and even months of your time simply to misguidedly soothe your ego…when we say you are qualified for the role and it matches your career aspirations, you can be assured that the job interview is truly a great opportunity for you
  • We try to match corporate cultures and styles with your own — so everyone is set up to succeed from the start, rather than being set up for any clashes and dead-ends that could have been just as easily avoided
  • We make sure you know who will be seeing you and why they want to see you — so you are fully focused on the details rather than simply on the general opportunity
  • We can identify and avoid career derailers — so we can understand whether a particular job is a compliment or mismatch for you, in particular, based on your leadership assessment, brand development, and future planning goals
  • We eliminate your need to juggle multiple employment support firms — so, rather than have 10 different search firms calling you about 10 different opportunities that require you to answer the same questions over and over again, you can use us to herd the cats and be your one ultimate point of contact for all job opportunities

Because of the way we conduct our business, we can only represent you for employment in conjunction with our other services. Our past experience tells us that only through professional preparation can you fully benefit from our representation — which includes, by the way, our valuable insights and interactions during compensation negotiations.

Employers appreciate your focus and preparedness

The cost of hiring the wrong person is extremely high for an organization, including physical office adjustments and supplies, training, and unemployment tax rate hikes, among other things. Add a lost customer or initiative or two, and the total ticket for the failure could be well over $100,000.

It may even affect the career of employees involved in the hiring, calling their own judgment and expertise into question.

So when you walk in the door with the perfect mix of skills, education, experience, and leadership abilities — and the dossier and interview skills to make that clear — you will be the trophy candidate that puts everyone at ease that the best person for the job just walked through their door.

To learn more about our employment opportunities or to begin getting represented the right way for your professional success, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!