In some instances, it doesn’t matter what you say about yourself — it’s what others say that most impresses. We understand that: We started wearing Nike sneakers only because Michael Jordan told us to.

While we are pretty sure we can’t get Mike to talk about us here, we have managed to capture the thoughts of high-level executives and physicians in our particular professional arenas. Due to barriers you may be familiar with regarding corporate endorsements, the people we are quoting below cannot be named. We assure you, however, that they do exist and highly praise the “career agent” approach we are introducing within the career management field.

Of course, should you ever require references, we will be happy to provide them to you at the appropriate time.

I wish I had a service like this 25 years ago when I was transitioning into industry. I really had no idea what to expect and had little help figuring my way through at the beginning. I imagine it is even more difficult today with the constant changes in the industry and keeping track of what is going on.
Vice President–Medical Affairs, Merck & Co.
As a head of human resources, I have interviewed hundreds of people over the years, and very few had developed their personal brand. Even when considering internal employees for promotions, these executives had a hard time articulating why they were good. Your services perfectly cater to this large group of people — helping them market how valuable they really are.
Chief Human Resources Officer, Fortune 150 Pharmaceutical Company
I think your concept of career agent is very forward thinking. It’s time for someone to take this approach dealing with executives.
Senior Vice President, Diagnostics Company
I have relationships with recruiters whom I trust but I find they are only interested in helping me find my next job. I want someone to help me build my career based upon my experience, my personal skills, leadership style, and help me shape and achieve my long-term goals. ProMotion’s “Brand You” development service is exactly what I’m looking for to help me continue building personal value in my current role as well as positioning me for the future.
Senior Medical Director, Pfizer