As noted elsewhere on our website, we use a sports agent model for our compensation rather than a recruiter or consultant model.

Sports agents invest in the talent they are representing and do all that they can to best position their client. The best agents know their clients unquestionably from both a style and accomplishment perspective and match them to the organization where they (and the team) have the best chance of success.

To be clear: We provide services for both individuals who need career management guidance and company leaders who ask us to consult with them on taking their teams to the next level of performance (see our services page).

For individuals, we have developed and cultivated an exclusive annual membership to help clients develop every ounce of potential that hasn’t been tapped into yet for successful career management. The process for becoming a client of ProMotion Career Management is no different than other professional memberships you already subscribe to for your professional development.

For companies, our model focuses on generating and consulting around People Analytics data that allows you to measure and deploy talent to achieve business outcomes. All of our services are priced at a fraction of the cost of engaging a recruiting or consulting firm, and by aligning our fees to on-going performance, we together manage and measure the effectiveness of your spend.

But the marriage of these two worlds—when a company has a need for a new employee and asks us about individuals we represent because they trust our vetting and preparation processes, our data and most importantly, us—this dovetailing of individual and company services generates the most ROI impact for everyone involved.

Our fee approach for individuals

At ProMotion Career Management, our business begins and ends with generating a successful career for you as a unique individual. Our annual membership fees, are a small, affordable on-going investment in yourself that can yield the potential for tremendous results because, together, we shape the path that generates the most power for you by adapting your skills and abilities to your next and future roles.

And unlike recruiters, whose work ends when you begin in a new role, our sports agent model kicks into high gear when you assume a new position. Our focus is not only to proactively pursue the right role for you but to ensure you excel at it over time for additional growth. As you can see, we are developing long-standing relationships based on honesty, integrity, availability and commitment to advancing you and your needs. It is about being intimately familiar with you and your aspirations because of our on-going work about how to get there. ProMotion Career Management never treats you as if you are “human inventory.”

If at anytime you feel we are not meeting your needs, no worries. Simply discontinue your membership without any questions asked! But with a track record with the vast majority of our clients who have repeatedly renewed their membership, we are confident that we will be partners with you for a good, long while!

Our fee approach for companies

At ProMotion Career Management, we are so confident in our approach that you only pay our management fee after you hire one of our clients and we begin building and managing an agreed upon plan to for on-boarding, integration and future development.

Trust us: We know the risk companies take by “prepaying” for talent that never reaches the expectations of everyone involved, or worse, for talent that is never secured.

Referring once more to the sports agent model, we are engaged in the on-going process of keeping our client “matched” with your company and its ever-changing needs.

The likelihood of our individuals being successful within your company dramatically increases because of our commitment to work with you to ensure that they are successful—and our fees are directly dependent upon this success. Ours is not a cut-and-run transaction, unlike the recruiting model with which companies are more familiar.

Sports agents really only make money if their star clients perform. Why should we be any different when “selling” you on our star performers?

So, in summary, our fees are:

  • Fair to both individuals and companies
  • Linked to the success of all parties involved
  • Truly revolutionary within the talent acquisition & talent management world