future planning

Whether you are newly placed or are remaining at your current job, ProMotion Career Management can be your career agent on a consulting basis, so you are getting the feedback, insights, and other support you need to best navigate the road ahead of you.

Why be out there all alone?

Using the sports and entertainment analogy, you won’t see stars in those fields being without an agent — or at least not for very long.

That’s because it is next to impossible to find someone at a high-level in your field who will focus on you both today and for your future success. It’s just the way the world works. So they have an agent on-board to do that work…because they know it will pay off for them to have someone looking out for their best interests.

Here are just some of the ways we can help you with future planning:

  • Regular “check ups” in person or online — so you have someone confidential with whom to discuss your current role
  • Interceding with current employer — should you need support on developing growth or development opportunities (or helping you find the way and words to speak for yourself)
  • Proactive mentoring — including suggestions about development experiences, courses, or other helping mechanisms for career growth
  • Invaluable networking support — by our bringing you together with similar individuals within our ever-growing client and employer base

You see, unlike “one and done” recruiters who are all about job placement, ProMotion is about career management — and as long as you find our services of value, we would be privileged to ride shotgun as you travel on your road to success.

To learn more about our future planning services or to begin getting represented the right way for your professional success, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!