We train our candidates to be prepared for their interviews.

Practice makes perfect — and a thorough understanding of “insider” knowledge about a company’s culture, management style, and even the interviewers will work even greater wonders on your “game day” performance vs. your competition!

You will interview many times before you REALLY interview

Together, we will perform mock interviews. If you live in the Central New Jersey area, then we will conduct them in person, in a conference room, under both working-casual and game day conditions. If it is difficult to meet in person, then we will grind out practice sessions over Skype.

This work will include:

  • Personal presentation preparations and strategies — How to present the “best you” possible through visual and verbal cues
  • General and industry-specific “gotcha” responses — How to hit the curveballs cleanly without sounding over-rehearsed
  • Handling the unexpected — What to do should the interviewer or interview environment suddenly change course
  • ProMotion critiques, remedies, and accolades all along the way — Helping you gain the confidence you need to succeed

You will be prepped on the players and the culture

Of course you know the importance of researching the company before the interview — but how much time do you have to truly do a thorough job of it?

We help minimize your research time by doing that prep work for you, including:

  • Explaining the company’s culture — Dress codes, levels of formality, reporting structures, and other dos and don’ts
  • Introducing the people you will meet — Who’s who, personal preferences, people they may know, reputations, and more
  • Understanding written (and unwritten) requirements of the job — Going beyond the request to the real-life needs and most -pressing challenges

How do we know so much about whom you will meet and what work you would do? Our 30+ years of international experience has built us quite a network of contacts on both the employee and employer sides of the business. We can “off-the-record” with the best of them, and often meet with the person who is doing the hiring and other people within the organization to get their viewpoints on the company and the role.

How far will we go to have you fully ready for your interview? So far that we will even help you set up transportation, if required, and in some cases even attend the interview with you!

You will be fully prepared and at ease with the interviewing process

It is alarming how many people go into an interview — at any level — either ill-prepared or partially prepared. Most often this is because it is somewhat of a do-it-yourself proposition in the business world. So much is left up to personal initiative or natural charisma that it is a wonder that anyone lands the job of his or her dreams!

But look at sports. Look at entertainment. Stars in those fields are prepped by their agents, who also prep the people doing the hiring on the other side.

That is the approach we take at ProMotion Career Management. You will never look at interviewing with the same fears and concerns again — and you will be far more ready to nail the audition than others who will be walking into that room

To learn more about our interview preparation techniques or to begin getting represented the right way for your professional success, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!