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With 30+ years of global experience within the life sciences and other business industries — helping both employees and employers secure mid-level to boardroom placements — we know a great number of people around the world. We also have extensive connections within the Human Resources and staffing communities.

We are, you can say, “well connected.”

We know who to talk to, and what events the influential decision-makers like to attend…or not. And we know what these individuals are looking for when hiring a professional to lead their organization or a national, regional, or departmental team.

Never underestimate the value of a great network

There are multimillion organizations with the singular focus of making connections outside of the people you already know. They serve breakfasts and exchange business cards and are high-pressure about each person connecting another person to their own network of friends and acquaintances.

But you need the time to engage in that sort of activity, if you’d even want to.

We’ve had 30+ years of time, and we bring that tremendous value to the table as part of the many services we offer you.

After we get to know you, through exercises such as a thorough leadership assessment and building your unique “brand,” we can open doors for you that will connect you to trusted partners of ours — some of whom we have helped get their jobs along the way.

Our connections span from the largest international companies down to small startups that you may not have heard about. And our knowledge includes what events, places of interest — and in some cases even watering holes — might be a great place for you to make a presence to introduce yourself to some people who may not even know they need you yet!

ProMotion Career Management networking support is not offered as a standalone service. We value our friends and business connections far too much to make introductions blindly or haphazardly. Only after we fully know and trust you will we make introductions to others who we already know and trust, in many cases cherish. We appreciate your understanding about this matter.

To learn more about our network support or to begin getting represented the right way for your professional success, either contact us via email or call us at (609) 521-8289 today!