Sticking to our sports analogies, “Moneyball” is the use of validated statistical data that sports teams and players use to truly understand performance in context of customized categories and competencies.

It is also becoming the norm in corporations as the days of bias-laden, subjective conversations about people’s abilities are over, or at least devalued, by using hard data to guide decisions about aligning talent to business outcomes. It is called People Analytics and if you are not familiar with the concept, here are links to two good articles:

10 Things We Know About People Analytics

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There are many pieces as to what can compromise a People Analytics model including compensation, performance reviews, how people use social media sites, demographics about where people live, etc. We have been using a platform based on personality as it is the only universal language of talent across all companies.

Ways Companies Are Using People Analytics

  • Problem solving – understand your peoples’ ability to address a specific issue and develop solutions to solve the problem
  • Developing people and teams – to take a team and individuals from “good to great” by having specific behavioral data on the team and team members
  • Revising strategies/executions – based upon a more in-depth knowledge of the group, revise strategies and tactics to capitalize on current strengths or create training and hiring plans to fill the gaps
  • Seeing talent where others don’t – diminishing the risk of people looking good on paper and then being award-winning “actors” during the interview process
  • Mining internal and external talent pool for future stars – re-weighting emphasis from past experience (expensive and unreliable implications) to future potential based on insights about success behaviors; building effective teams on a budget
  • Determining the actual need you have to get you “wins” – re-focusing the mindset of hiring for titles to hiring for outcomes
  • Honing in on the specific competencies that are critical for success – figure out what success really looks like and forgetting about irrelevant and generic “nice to haves” of job specs
  • Reducing time and costs to hire/promote key talent – it is highly unlikely that you will find the “perfect” person but by having data about behavioral strengths and gaps, you can increase the odds of “your bet paying off” if the data are used correctly
  • Changing the game – some risk-taking leaders have deployed People Analytics in efforts to change the game to increase innovation, positive results and enthusiasm within their teams

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