ProMotion Success Matrix
The performance and promotability of executives in any organization are measured by more than hard work and dedication. This is equally true of how companies view new hires in their executive ranks.

At ProMotion, we put this in terms of a success matrix—a graph that depicts the range and value typically found in upwardly-mobile employees and new hires. Whether you are an individual who is looking for a new job opportunity or advancement in your current workplace, see where you land within our Matrix. If you are in charge of hiring for a leadership position in a company, judge the value of candidates within the context of our Matrix.

In any case, understand that the core of our work is to develop individuals as Most Sought Afters and to either introduce Most Sought Afters to companies or help develop them within the company’s workplace.

Below the Radars

Working hard with your head down will only get you so far in this world. You need to interact well with others—superiors, peers, reports, and general colleagues, as well as with people outside of your company who share interests or might add value some day. It helps to have a general curiosity and genuine interest in others, both of which you can develop. You also need the enthusiasm to move tasks forward and the vision to bring new strategies forward that can help a department, division, or company reach its short or long-term goals.

Networking Leaders

Personal charisma and an interest in others can bring upward mobility and good fortune to your career— but likeability is not the equivalent to leadership. You need to be able to “see what others don’t” and to rally the troops, even troops that report to others in joint ventures. These are skills that can be pulled out of you or poured into you with the help of mentors and personal focus. So don’t let your social skills get in the way of developing your leadership skills…because when you master both, then you will truly succeed.

Best Kept Secrets

You are a natural leader: You have vision, and people like you and enjoy pitching in with you when asked. But you either don’t know it or—more likely—don’t leverage it. You can sell anything, except yourself. Don’t let modesty or humility get in the way of your success. Learn to articulate and promote your personal brand…combine it with your people skills and work ethic…and watch your career reach new levels of success!

Most Sought Afters

Who doesn’t like personable, confident people who know what they and others want, and have the vision and leadership skills to get everyone moving in the same direction toward a destination that benefits the employees, company, and in applicable cases, even shareholders? You may not be the CEO yet, but smart people in smart organizations will want you as a member of their leadership team as you build a brighter future together. Every company wants Most Soughts Afters, and every executive-caliber person wants to develop the skills, network, and brand image to be One Most Sought in a new job search or an in-house executive-level opportunity.

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