Business success today requires behavioral agility

Generally speaking, personalities don’t change. But behaviors can.

We help individuals identify and understand how to modify their behaviors to mesh within a successful team environment.

Services that help everyone succeed

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World-class profiling tool that can analyze 22 different personality traits that are then custom-tailored into competencies and behaviors specific to your team. 

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Reveal assessment themes and trends regarding current culture and style to the team. Group determines what is needed to improve team performance.

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One-on-one follow ups with individuals to go over data and action steps. Monthly 30-minute meetings for a year to make behaviors “sticky.”

Benefits for team members

Through this (confidential) assessment, team members enjoy personal development, career management, and insights into behavioral blind spots than could otherwise slow down growth.

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Benefits for teams

A candid, objective discussion of team median results helps everyone identify and address group dynamics. The team then determines which behaviors need to shift to achieve better results, faster.

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Benefits for organizations

More harmonious and complimentary teamwork, which invariably leads to improved productivity and organizational success. Also contributes to developing future leaders through personal and professional growth.

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Why us

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As you can see, we are trusted to help identify and shape the behaviors of individuals and teams for a number of well-known international companies as well as younger start-ups. We are comfortable and effective with all sorts of work environments, and will even work off-hours if needed to accommodate work schedules and locations in different time zones.

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“The insights have been incredibly helpful to me in managing my Leadership Team.

“I want to expand this to a broader group going forward.”

“By ‘camping out’ much more frequently with my colleagues it has made such a difference in building trust and credibility with them.

“They now see us as a partner and not just an inside service.”

“I was shocked by how much more efficient it was to push for a live meeting with the VP to discuss my thinking and to learn their thoughts.

“Something that usually took weeks we were able to knock out in 45 minutes!”


Adam J. Millinger, LCSW, has in-depth expertise across executive search, assessment, and talent management that makes him uniquely qualified to offer behavioral agility training for business leaders and their employers throughout their careers.

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We work confidentially and proactively through our assessment and coaching process. All of us are works in progress. You will find that we are friendly and trustworthy while highly effective at our jobs. Our founder’s background in executive coaching guides our approach to our work.

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