About us

Analytics, insights, inspiration, ideas, and a healthy dose of proactive coaching in our background helps us get “inside” an individual’s behavioral style.

It all also helps us weave everyone’s personal strengths and blind spots into the inner workings of a successfully operating team.

Our leadership

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Adam J. Millinger, LCSW, has been instrumental throughout his 20+ year career in partnering with clients to articulate who they are as achievers and leaders that may not have been fully appreciated or expressed in their current work environments. His extensive background in both executive search and leadership assessment has developed a facile ability to mentor clients and start planning the optimal course for their career ambitions.

His undergraduate degree from George Washington University and Masters in Social Work from New York University have served him well within the highly personal nature of his chosen field. Prior to founding PCM, Adam worked as a senior consultant at Caliper—a leading talent management consultancy—and later as a Partner at Battalia Winston, a top 10 retained executive search firm where he served as a global lead for the Life Sciences Industry Practice.

Adam has conducted numerous talent advisory engagements ranging from building therapeutic teams for world-class pharmaceutical companies to being commissioned to do a study focusing on successful Physician Leaders in the Life Sciences Industry. His clients and network include global leaders in the Life Sciences and Healthcare industries, and he has enjoyed professional and personal relationships with some of these executives for over 15 years.

His in-depth expertise across executive search, assessment, and talent management makes him uniquely qualified to offer career agent services for business leaders and their employers throughout their careers.

When not coaching a youth baseball team, Adam can be found spending time with his family hiking, biking, or engaging in other outdoor activities.

Our approach

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We take a multi-step approach to shift behavior in a way that positively impacts both personal and team performance.

First, we administer a customized world-class online assessment for each individual. While this assessment can identify the relative presence of 22 different personality traits, we target and analyze the behaviors and tendencies that are critical to your individuals’ and team’s success. (You cannot trick the assessment into seeing traits that do or do not exist naturally.)

Next, we interpret each assessment, having the experience of over 10,000 previous assessments to understand and explain the data.

Our next step is to assemble the team either in a room or via Webex, where we discuss the team’s traits as if it was an individual (no personal information is directly discussed). After analyzing the findings and finding comfort with them, we determine a path forward that allows the team to more fully reach its goals.

During the ensuing year, we hold monthly confidential meetings by phone with each team member. We coach them on understanding their raw traits, core competencies, and behavioral themes that can form the foundation for action steps toward personal and professional success. Knowledge is power. And self-knowledge is more powerful yet.

We will also hold meetings with the key leader(s) in charge of our engagement. These meetings will be strictly about progress and corrections; we will never  discuss our confidential one-on-one meetings in any way that would expose individuals or betray confidences.

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