What's in it for you

Short answer: Growth. Personal, professional, and organizational. 

Knowing what makes yourself and others tick is a major factor in developing winning teams in any field — because no two of us are exactly alike in our behaviors or responses to others’. 

ProMotion Career Management’s customized engagements identify — scientifically — how personality impacts the performance of yourself and your team.

Benefits for team members

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Taking, understanding, and reinforcing your individual results can fundamentally change your personal and professional life. The insights it offers into your behavioral strengths can fast-track you into better relationships and roles. And the blind spots it exposes can help you avoid the pitfalls that are slowing down your growth.

We will engage in private discussions about your personal traits, as well as the proven behavioral strategies you can employ to maximize and minimize accordingly.

All of this is done with third-party confidentiality and objectivity during monthly 30-minute discussions that reveal and focus behaviors — and that ultimately seal them in for “sticky” future success.

Benefits for teams

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We discuss the “median team results” with all members present, either on-site in a conference room or via Webex. This candid, objective, custom engagement helps all members better identify and address the group dynamics at play (we never address individual assessments with anyone other than that individual).

Upon the team’s agreement regarding how the team currently behaves, we lead a discussion about which behaviors the team wants to shift in order to achieve better results, faster.

These team results will ultimately feed into both individual work success and superior team cohesion.

Benefits for organizations

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People who understand their behaviors and manipulate them to maximize personal success will always  create stronger work teams.

This is true whether an individual is an intern, a CEO, or anyone on any rung in-between on the company ladder.

We have helped Boards run more smoothly, and we have helped project groups achieve greater results faster than past teams given similar tasks. We have helped identify the most promising new hires and helped improve the on-boarding process for newly promoted employees.

That is because, as our positioning line says, it’s all about “Personality Impacting Performance.”
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