While we proudly talk about who we are and what we do, we are equally proud — if not mores — to have other talk about what we have done for them.

We assure you that while we have not revealed names or organizational names here for confidentiality, they are all real. And we will happily furnish you with referrals upon request.

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The information was eerily accurate.

It’s like you went to high school with me.

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The insights have been incredibly helpful to me in managing my Leadership Team.

I want to expand this to a broader group going forward.

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One of my Directors told me that he needed to reach out to his R&D partner to get his thinking before making a decision.

In the past, he would have just made the decision on his own. I know that this change is because of your work with him.

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In the past, I would have been very aggressive trying to tell people what was needed and sell my own ideas.

I’m now setting up 1:15 with people to network and learn from them and use their ideas with my own. It takes longer on the front end, but boy has it made my life easier getting better information and people are more willing to help.

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By “camping out” much more frequently with my colleagues it has made such a difference in building trust and credibility with them.

They now see us as a partner and not just as an inside service.

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I was shocked by how much more efficient it was to push for a live meeting with the VP to discuss my thinking and to learn his thoughts.

For something that usually took weeks, we were able to knock it out in 45 minutes!

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By setting up time to learn about my counterparts’ priorities, I learned that they were working on a training program that was almost identical to one I was putting together.

Now, as partners on the program, we are saving both time and money with better content.

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