What we do

Hired by senior business and HR leadership, we provide scientifically driven assessments that can deliver predictive accuracy of over 20 personality traits that are then customized to behaviors and competencies you target for individual and team success within your organization.

We follow up with confidential and proactive coaching for individuals with concrete action steps to help ensure team wins and personal growth. 

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Assess Personality Traits

Our assessments are scientifically driven, with over 50 years of ongoing research and refinement to provide predictive accuracy for over 20 personality traits. (We customize which behaviors and competencies your organization wants to target, and you cannot  fool the assessment.)

Key concepts include:

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Debrief to your team

We will present your team (either in person or via Webex) with themes and trends regarding its current culture and style. We will then gain agreement on what is needed to produce better team performance. These findings are beneficial both for ongoing individual work as well as future team interactions.

Key concepts include:

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Coach individuals

Following team agreement on themes and trends of group behavior, we schedule one-on-one follow-ups to go over individual data and action steps to meet that team agreement.

Key concepts include:

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Elevate performance

Our client feedback is consistently full of reported “wins” for both individuals and teams, on all rungs of the hierarchy.

Anecdotal feedback includes:

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